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Showing 1 - 12 of 54 items

René Furterer is an expert in hair beauty treatments based on natural ingredients. Thus, René Furterer products treat and take care of the scalp and the hair in its entirety: dry, devitalized, bold; colorful, thin or soft.

René Furterer's hair care brand is sold on our online pharmacy.

René Furterer Laboratories, gives pride of place to the high hairstyle, perfect embodiment of capillary beauty. Thus artistic talent and creative René Furterer is expressed in high hairdressing shows, catwalks, in France and around the world inspiring and dazzling cuts.

The brand now offers care with 100% natural essential oils and plant extracts carefully selected for their specific properties, and built around a unique method of care in 3 steps: prepare the scalp and hair, wash and provide specific care.

René Furterer treatments are designed to give each user a true sensational journey. Enjoy the fruit of unparalleled expertise with which your hair, pampered from its root to its tip will be transformed.