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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

For over 65 years, Piz Buin offers sun lovers, sun care to promote a tanned and bronzed complexion.

Piz Buin is a sunscreen brand sold on our online pharmacy.

Piz Buin owes its origins to the ingenuity of a young chemist named Franz Greiter. Severely sunburned after an ascent of Piz Buin summit at the Austrian-Swiss border, the young man develops in the small laboratory of the parental home, a product capable of protecting the skin from sun damage. Thus, in 1938 has just invented the first sunscreen. A product that would later take the name of Piz Buin. The pioneering spirit of Franz Greiter gave birth to a long list of innovations that would later be known as the Piz Buin.