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Thera°Pearl - Eye-ssential Mask Hot / Cold

Thera°Pearl Eye Mask Hot / Cold is a compress that helps relieve your daily pain. Designed with Pearl technology, the mask releases heat or cold for about 20 minutes to immediately soothe your migraines, dry eyes, sinus problems or even your swollen eyes.

Contains 1 mask: 22.9 cm x 7 cm.

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Thera°Pearl Eyes Mask is the perfect remedy for people prone to migraines and sinus problems. It relaxes your eyes and make you feel an exceptional comfort.

Featuring Pearl technology, this compress contains small heating or cooling blue pearls to soothe eye pains.

This innovative system that combines the power of hot and cold, helps instantly alleviate headaches and soothe swollen or tired eyes.

Indeed, cold use is indicated in case of contact eczema, atopic dermatitis, palpebral edema, post-eyelid surgery, headache and sinusitis. The mask helps relieve swollen eyes and painful headaches caused by sinusitis.

Heat is recommended in case of dry eyes and dysfunction of the Meibomius glands. It helps reduce nasal congestion and pain associated to swelling.

The supple and flexible formula of Thera°Pearl mask, easily malleable, fits perfectly to the contours of your face.

For 20 minutes, this mask maintains an ideal therapeutic temperature in order to instantly alleviate your discomfort.

Not-toxic, Thera°Pearl mask can be reused as often as necessary.

Pearls (not-toxic) containing propylene glycol-based gel

Sodium polyacrylate



Plastic envelope

Do not exceed 20 minutes.

Wait at least 20 minutes before renewing the application.

If necessary, apply the mask again for 20 minutes.

For cold therapy: Put in the fridge for at least two hours.

For hot therapy: put in the microwave for the needed time and temperature (read the leaflet).

Test imperatively the temperature before applying the mask.

Excessive temperature or prolonged application may cause burns.

Do not apply on skin that is injured, irritated or very sensitive.

Consult a physician if you have any doubt or extreme, prolonged or chronic pain.

Do not open or pierce the compress.

Do not use this mask in infants.

It is imperative to be supervised by an adult if used by a child.

A warm-up time beyond the recommended time may damage the mask.

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