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Terms of our sponsorship

Article 1
The SNC ROMAN and CASELLA registered in the RCI of Monaco under the number 08S04732, whose registered office is located at 2 rue Suffren Reymond and 22 rue Grimaldi 98000 Monaco, offers on its site a sponsorship operation.

Article 2
This operation is reserved for customers of Médical-Beauté. The term "client" refers to any physical person of full age who has made at least one order on the site

Article 3
The client must give the names and emails of the persons he wishes to sponsor from the "Referral program" tab in "My Account".
A sponsor is any client of Medical-Beauty who will bring a godson.
Any customer who places his first order on the site will be considered as a godson of this client, provided that he fulfills the conditions of this regulation. The godchild should register on the site using the email address indicated by the sponsor. Only this address triggers sponsorship. The advantage will be credited to the account of the godchild as soon as his first order. Médical-Beauté reserves the right to validate or not to sponsor.

Article 4
4-1. Godfather
For each first order validated by one of his referrals, the sponsor obtains a coupon of 5 euros credited to his account.
The prize pool of the sponsor will then be credited with 5 euros usable as of its next order.

4-2. Godson
Any godchild will be able to benefit from a reduction of 5 € TTC from the first order. To benefit from it, it will suffice to use his coupon when validating his basket.

Article 5
The transaction applies to one person per household (same name, same address). Only one godson may be appointed within the same household (same name, same address). The godchild must have a different billing address and delivery address than the godfather and his other godchildren. Only one order per godson will be considered for the award of the sponsor's endowment. Only the end user of the product will be considered godson. The godson must use a means of payment of his own (if the godson uses the same bank card as his sponsor, the sponsorship will not be taken into account). Sponsorship works in a private setting. The godchildren must be friends, acquaintances or close friends of their sponsor. It is forbidden to publish its sponsor code on the Internet, whether in forums, newsgroups or other websites. It is also forbidden for the sponsor to sponsor yourself, by creating two separate accounts receivable.
Excluded are deliveries to third parties and artificial orders to inflate the number of godchildren. At each first order of a new godchild, the sponsor will receive an automatic mail of information from Medical-Beauty. However, the final validation of the godchilds is done only when vouchers are awarded.
Medical-Beauté reserves the right to check the accuracy of the information provided by the participants. Participants in this operation (sponsors and sponsors) must authorize any verification concerning the validity of their sponsorship. If, after verification, disputed elements remain, the validation may be refused. Any false declaration will automatically eliminate the participation.

Article 6
Médical-Beauté reserves the right to shorten, extend, modify and even cancel the sponsorship operation if the circumstances so require and its liability can not be incurred as a result, in any capacity whatsoever.

Article 7
Participation in this sponsorship operation implies full acceptance of this regulation. The participants expressly authorize Médical-Beauté to publish their contact information on the site and in any promotional event related to this sponsorship operation without this publication giving rise to any consideration other than the reduction Earned.

Article 8
The regulation of this operation can be consulted online in its entirety throughout the operation, on the site on the pages reserved for godchildren and sponsors, or obtained, on simple written request sent by mail To the attention of Médical-Beauté "Opération Parrainage" at the following address: 22 rue Grimaldi 98000 MONACO.

Article 9
In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 06/01/78, participants have the right to access and rectify their personal data by writing to the following address: Médical-Beauté Operation de Parrainage, 22 rue Grimaldi 98000 MONACO.
The e-mails sent as part of the sending of your sponsorship message will not be stored or transmitted to third parties. Your godchildren will not receive any unsolicited e-mail from us.

Article 10
Spamming (sending unsolicited or irrelevant emails to groups of people) is formally discouraged for the smooth running of the operation.
Médical-Beauté reserves the right to permanently exclude from the operation any user who will be notified to it as not respecting this rule.